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Art Law & Inheritance Law

For private individuals and entrepreneurs looking for a specialized lawyer in Art or Inheritance law. A lawyer who, in addition to legal expertise, thinks in clear and practical solutions.

Legal support regarding inheritance law

Accept the inheritance? Or make a precondition? Why would you do so? And if so, how do you do that? Difficult questions in an often sad period. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of your rights and obligations as an heir. 

Regardless of whether there are disputes with the executor or with the heirs between themselves, we can support you. Either with advice or as your litigation attorney.

Legal support concerning Art law

As one of the few law firms in the Netherlands, I specialize in this unusual area of law.

I advise and litigate in disputes about auction purchase, consignment, resale right, authenticity of art and all kinds of matters directly or indirectly related to the national and international art trade, art auctions and art collections. Regardless of whether it concerns ancient or modern art.

Never say you know someone before sharing a legacy with them.

Johann Kaspar LAVATER
Swiss mysticus 1741-1801

Inheritance law

As a lawyer specialized in inheritance law, I can help you with all your issues concerning this part of the law. Whether it concerns a flared conflict or a dormant disagreement, together we take a closer look at your situation to get you a clear picture of your rights and possibilities as an heir. Inheritance law is a complex and changing area of law. Often with great emotional and financial interests that can have a major impact on family relationships. Therefore, choose a lawyer who does not directly polarize, but someone who is able to represent your interests without immediately antagonizing the rest of the heirs.

For example you can contact me with questions about:

  • Accepting the inheritance (or not).
  • Accepting the inheritance beneficially (without prejudice).
  • Disinherited. What is your position?
  • What is the role of the executor?
  • What can you do if you don’t agree with the executor?
  • What can the executor do if heirs do not cooperate.
  • The deceased has given away everything. What’s your position and what can you do as an heir.
  • Are you by Dutch law, even if you are disinherited, stil entitled to a portion of the inheritance?
  • How do you claim your part? 
  • How do you calculate your part?
  • Liabilities and creditors. What’s your position as an heir.
  • You have a claim on the deceased. Who should you contact?
  • How to handle third-party claims on the inheritance

My solution is often to find an reasonable solution for all parties involved. However, sometimes that is not feasible and then only swift and forcefull legal action is required. Allthough I prefer the first, I don’t shy away from the second.

Interested? Call me on +31 (0)630029780

Art Law

False Art

Unfortunately, false art is not a unique phenomenon. In fact, it is estimated that around 20 percent of the art traded worldwide is counterfeit. What if you fall victim to a rogue trader? Or if you yourself are accused of selling a counterfeit art object? In most cases you want to determine your legal position as quickly as possible. Questions such as “have you been properly informed?”, “Have you done enough research yourself?”, “Is there a consumer purchase?” And many other matters that are important to determine your legal position.

Stolen Art

Regularly I represent victims of crimes where their art objects have been stolen. My role is not limited to representing their interests in court. I also contribute in the investigation process. Consider, for example, mediation on behalf of the victims with (possible) insurers and those who have the stolen art object in their possession. In doing so, I act on behalf of the victims and keep them out of the publicity.

Third Party Claims

I also act for owners of art who are confronted with claims from third parties. Here too, I can do more than just provide legal advice and litigate. For example, researching the provenance of an art object. We work in close collaboration with art consultants, dealers and if necessary with private investigators.

Other subjects we provide legal assistance in concerning Art Law:

  • Valuation isues
  • Auction (buy or sale) issues
  • Looted Art (World War II)
  • Drafting & evaluating consignment agreements
  • Droit de suite (resale right)
  • Report to the Public Prosecution Service in case of fraud

Interested? Call me on +31 (0)630029780

If I knew what art was, I would keep it to myself.

Spanish painter and sculptor 1881-1973

My Mission

The world we live in is changing rapidly. I have adapted my services to this change. I link up with the different, new way of working, that is part of our contemporary culture. Short lines and always in direct contact with your lawyer. No telephone operators and secretaries shielding me. You will get my mobile number. You can always call me. 24/7.

If I am not available, I will contact you within 24 hours at the latest. Meetings we do by Zoom, Teams or Skype. Files are digital. When we have to meet in person, I will come to you or to the location of your choice. You choose.


Every case is different and requires a unique and case-specific approach. To determine which pricing method can be used bestwe look at the weight of the case and the specific legal know-how required. In general, procedures are less suitable for working with a fixed price than, for example, assessing contracts. In mutual consultation, we determine which method suits you and the case best. All rates are always VAT excluded.

Wisse Smit Advocatuur does not charge additional office costs. Our first meeting is without obligation and free of charge. 



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